Questions To Ask When Buying A Used Car From a Dealer

 By Joel Dammann

1973 Dodge Challenger

1973 Dodge Challenger

Within our previous article we've discussed a few of the questions that you should ask a private seller without notice to purchase a second hand car. In this article, we will share ten questions that you might want to ask a second hand car dealer so that you will avoid being scammed. Regardless of what questions you ask him, never purchase a car if you don't take it for a test drive.

Here are the ten questions that you need to ask a second hand car dealer:

1. Can I go over the mechanic's pre-certification inspection? - Find out question if the vehicle you want to buy continues to be certified. These vehicles go through a detailed inspection before they can be certified which is why you can ask the dealership if he is willing to demonstrate the papers in order to find out what type of repairs happen to be done. This document will be hand later on when other problems will occur, assuming you decide to buy the car;

2. Who certified the car? - The single certification that is indeed relevant would have to be the manufacturer certified pre-owned car. All of those other lot includes insurance-backed programs and you'd better avoid them, obviously why;

3. From who have you acquired the vehicle? - You'll need to inquire about the constant maintenance records if the car was a part of a trade-in. When the car was purchased from a bidding, you'll need to verify it has been thoroughly inspected, preferably by somebody that is experienced in verifying used cars;

4. Can one get a CarFax report before buying the car? - If you are at a reputable dealership, they'll provide you with one right away while other dealers will hand you a "customized" report or won't give you one at all. When you have a glance in this report, make sure to verify if the VIN on the car matches the main one within the paper;

5. How long will I be permitted to try out the automobile? - Some dealers will let you go ahead and take car overnight to be able to test that extensively. You'll need to jot down that you won't use the car for more than 100 miles as well as prove you have insurance and also the gas level would be the same after the try out has ended;

6. What's the return policy? - While some dealers will start laughing when hearing this question, others will give you a brief period to rethink you buy the car and give you something else of equal value. Don't expect to get the money back as no dealer in the world will do that;

7. What's the cash cost from the car? - To put it simply, cash rules. Most of the dealers make a nice profit by convincing clients to consider financing but when you've enough cash, you'll obtain a better price tag. Generally, the dealers are willing to shave off about 5% from the price should you pay in cash;

8. So what can I receive if I purchase the car? - Check to see if the dealer will throw in a timing belt, a new group of tires or any other similar equipment;

9. Do you accept trade-ins? - Should you hate selling, your best bet would be to find a car or truck dealer that accepts trade-ins. We all know how frustrating it may be to sell a second hand car;

10. What sort of service did the car get after you bought it? - The answer you will get will help you to find out a far more accurate value of what you're going to purchase. If it went through an extensive overhaul, it means that for a while you won't have to pay to repair or replace a component.

These would have to be the ten questions to ask when purchasing a used car from a dealer in order to make certain what you're going to purchase is a good investment. Spend some time and do your homework as in most cases we're referring to a lot of money.

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