Special Mustang Breeds Wow Enthusiasts Through the Years

 by Roberta Sullivan

Shelby Mustang

2007 Shelby Mustang

The Ford Mustang has seen several transformations and special editions throughout its 40 years of existence. The car's following was that wide and diverse that several models had to be customized or specialized to cater to different market segments.

First off, there is third-party modifications, more notable of which are the Shelby Mustangs courtesy of the automobile racing company Carroll Shelby. Shelby transformed the Mustang through several editions. The Shelby 2006 GT-H was a tribute to the GT350-H model of 1996. The more famous Shelby model was the Shelby GT500KR, the King of the Road muscle car. Then there is the Shelby CS6/8 which was a variant of the V6 Mustang that modified through a supercharged 350 horsepower motor. There were also the GT500E and GT500 Super Snake variants, both of which were not mass-produced.

The Roush Performance Company that turns out performance cars, vehicles, and engines came out with its 3 Mustang packages in 2001. The first ran on 17-inch wheels, lowered suspension, and had its exhaust system mounted on the side. The second was an upgrade of the first, running on 18-inch wheels with modified suspension. The third was the top of the line, with 360 hp and 375 lb.-ft. torque that was a modified version of the Mustang GT. Roush also released in 2004 a limited Mustang 440A edition, with custom interiors, rear exhaust systems, Roush braking system, and reportedly 400 horsepower engines. There were also the Sport and 427R editions made by Roush.

Two other third-party modifications came for the Mustang. Year 2003 saw the Steeda Autosports Mustang edition Q400 which was based on the Mustang GT model. Steeda is a Ford manufacturer of after-sales parts. Previously, too, there had been a 1984 Saleen Mustang, from the Saleen Company of racer Steve Saleen. The Saleen Mustangs focused on looks and performance.

Aside from third party modifications, the Mustang also had several in-house variants at Ford. There are the Ford T-5, the California Special, the Mustang Cobra II, the King Cobra, the Mustang SVT Cobra, the Mustang SVO, Mustang SSP (Special Service Package), the Bullitt, the Mustang Mach 1, and several anniversary editions.

In celebration of Mustang's 20th year, there was the limited edition anniversary issue GT-350 model. Anniversary models also came out for the 25th, 35th, and 40th anniversaries of the Mustang. The 2004 40th anniversary edition of the Mustang came in Standard and GT editions. But through all these special editions and transformations, the Mustang retained its reputation for speed, performance, durability, and reliability.

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