How Does The New Car Buying Process Work?

 By Mike Reitz

2010 Camaro

2010 Camaro

The new car buying process isn't much different than buying a used car. However, buying a new car can come with cash incentives and lower or zero percent interest rates, that you won't find on used cars. The excitement of buying a new car soon wears off when people start shopping. Doing your homework can avoid a lot of the stress that is involved with buying a new car.

If you don't like to haggle with the new car salesman you can shop via a car broker, shop online or go to a no haggle dealership. Wherever you decide to buy your next vehicle, you will want to follow these tips make sure you're getting the right car for you and the best deal.

Tips For Buying A New Car

Take some time and go online. Discover and learn as much as you can about the car that you want. Learn which cars are dependable, safe and reliable. Also take a look at which cars hold their value better.

Think about what you actually need and want in a car. Consider things like, how many passengers you need to carry, who will be driving the car, are you going to finance it, how much do you want to pay for the car and how much do you want to pay monthly. You will also want to consider how much insurance will cost.

Before you commit to a specific model car, you should consider and research the cost of maintenance and how safe the car is. A good place to find this information is online at web site reviews, consumer reporting agencies, and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for safety tests.

Knowing your credit score ahead of time can give you the peace of mind knowing that there are no issues that might cost you a decent interest rate or lose the deal altogether.

Ask lots of questions, find out if there are any rebates or special financing programs on the make and model you are looking at. If you don't see the exact color and options that you want, ask about special ordering the car. It may take a little longer, but this way you get exactly what you want. You may also want to ask about dealer demos, they may have few miles on them usually under 3,000 miles, but they can offer a savings that you wouldn't get on a brand new car.

Once you have chosen the car you want with all the options and are satisfied with the price, it's time to sign the contract. Make sure you read and understand the contract before you sign. If there's something you don't understand, now's the time to ask and have it explained to you. Make sure there are no extra costs on the contact that you have not talked about.

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