Muscle Cars and Modifications


2010 Camaro SS

2010 Camaro SS

Muscle cars can help to fulfill someone's primal urges to live dangerously and at high speeds, and for this reason alone, many muscle car owners took to pushing the limits over and over again by modifying their vehicles. Whether you own a classic GTO or a modern Charger, there are an array of upgrades you can adapt to service the primary purpose of muscle cars: adrenaline-like exhilaration. Below, we'll go over several upgrade options that are available, as well as discerning between what's possible on a classic muscle car versus what you can do to a modern one.

HID Lighting

Headlights don't seem like performance parts to most people, but then again, most people aren't necessarily car enthusiasts. Standard halogen lighting can more than satisfactory to most muscle car drivers, but satisfactory isn't necessarily the goal. With a brighter lights and custom coloring possible with HID headlights, many muscle car owners are finding muscle car HIDs to be just the thing for their vehicles. Of course, classic versions will require more adaptive measures, such as harness adaptors and other modifications, versus the simpler installation process needed for newer cars. A biting purple or vivid white headlight color can really pack a punch when paired with the resilient look of most muscle cars, and though they may be harder to install on older cars, they certainly pair better with the retro modern look of '60s and '70s muscle cars.

Performance Chips and Parts

For classic muscle car owners, there is one unfortunate side effect: most cars built before the 1980s weren't equipped with ECU setups, and therefore can't take advantage of performance chips. A performance chip can enhance the horsepower and fuel economy of a vehicle with a short installation process and little-to-no visual cues whatsoever. So if you want a power boost without the visual notification of it, a chip is the way to go. Now if you're a classic or modern muscle car owner and you want to show off the strength of your vehicle, adding dual exhaust pipes, a turbocharger or supercharger, and perhaps even a nitrous kit can really display the competitive spirit of your car and its driver.

Other Muscle Car Modifications

From sleek, aerodynamic, and light fiberglass hoods to the height control-providing air suspensions, there are a number of upgrades that can make a muscle car look fiercer, more ferocious, and certainly better able to win a street race. At the end of the day, muscle cars are all about low acceleration times, maximum power in short bursts, and a killer look that made other car drivers dread pulling up next to a muscle car at a stoplight. If you want your classic or modern muscle car to still drive others wild, either keep it in tip-top condition, or upgrade it with unique parts and accessories so it never loses its edge.

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