Hot Rods & Muscle Cars

 by Jimmy Wilson

Supercharged Hot Rod

Supercharged Hot Rod

If you are of the 50's 60's or 70's era generation you know that hot rods and muscle cars dominated the average male gender, and yes, even the females couldn't help but turn their heads when a slick vintage car drove by. The times have changed but the desire to see those vintage cars has not. Those who have preserved those classic cars are as appreciated as the disc-jockeys today, that spin the classic tunes of yesteryear.

Hot Rods and Muscle Cars are forever etched into our being as the ultimate personal statements that we proudly display to one and all who see them at car shows or if you should see one pass by on the highway. Hot Rods and Muscle Cars say a lot about what makes America the proud nation we are. To delve into the psychic just a bit, hot rods have always been notorious for rebellion and attention getting tools for whatever the teenage group of the times was encountering. Whether it was rebelling against their parents, or rebelling against the establishment, hot rods and muscle cars are and always will be a nostalgic part of our culture.

Hot Rods and Muscle Cars come in every imaginable shape condition and modification. The amount of customization done to a hot rod is the extension of the builder's imagination and frustration of his views on conventional styling. This in itself is not a bad thing. One can draw from one perspective as a new dimension on life and style in the hallowed United States. A sense of pride in country cannot be dismissed by the mere existence of hot rods and muscle cars.

To catch a glimpse of the ever-popular hot rods and muscle cars one merely needs to ask around their local auto repair shop for any upcoming car shows. The auto mechanics are forever mindful of those elusive hot rods and muscle cars from years gone by. The near forgotten auto mechanics or shade-tree mechanics as we choose to refer to them, have all but waned away due to the computer diagnostic age. A mechanic now-a-days must be equipped with all the latest in electrical diagnostic equipment to compete with the dealerships to eek out a living. But fear not, there are still those die hard mechanics who love nothing more than to get their hands on a classic hot rod or muscle car just to rekindle the rumble of those quadra-jets or three duce's in a slick bodied car from days gone by.

We found one gentleman that has taken his love of the classic t-bucket roadsters and set up his garage to produce new roadsters from yesteryear designs. He can build one from his laser sighted frame jig, all the way to completion right from his own shop. Every detail is hand crafted so he knows what went into making the finished roadster. He will gladly build you a custom made roadster for a very reasonable price. It's his way of keeping the tradition and styling alive for generations that missed the golden years of hot rods and muscle cars.

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Article Source: March 25, 2009

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