Buying a Muscle Car

 by Brenda Williams

Ford Torino GT

Ford Torino GT

If you are a fan of the muscle car and are interested in purchasing one, this article will give you some tips on where to begin your search for a really great muscle car. A good place to begin your muscle car search, is with the local and national classified newspapers. Small newspapers like the Thrifty Nickel are a really good place to start. You may also want to try some classified advertisements online. Yahoo Sales, Google Sales, Craigslist and Backpage are really good options.

If you do not want to worry about shipping your car or if you do not want to take on the hassle of working with a seller that is out-of-town, then your local classified, whether or not it's a weekly or your larger daily paper, may yield you some good leads. Depending on where you will live, this may or may not prove to be successful. If you live in a larger city then there may be an increased likelihood that someone is selling an old muscle car. However, this could also hold true if you live in a small town. You may just luck up and find an individual who has one that they would like to sell. The important thing here is to look in your local classifieds daily or weekly.

If this proves unsuccessful, the Internet is another really good place to look. The internet makes the world a whole lot smaller. You can virtually buy anything from anywhere. Again, check out the classified ads on Yahoo, Google or Craigslist. A really good feature of these advertising websites is that you can look locally. All you have to do is look for the name of your state and your city. If you do not see your city, then look for one that's nearby. This gives you the option to work with someone who's local or close to your home. The benefits are obvious. You can see them face-to-face and meet with them to view the car. You are taking far less risk. Working with someone from out-of-town, is much more dangerous. You might be scammed or end up with a car that you do not like or want.

Another good place to look for muscle cars is eBay. Many people don't associate eBay with selling cars. But in fact, it can be a treasure trove of old and new cars. You're bound to find lots of great specialized, muscle and vintage cars. Ebay has an escrow account system in place so you can place your money there and then release it after you have received the car. It just provides a measure of safety. They have other safety features in place and if you are interested in using eBay to purchase a muscle car, it's best to visit the site and read through their policies. Once you find a car that you like, you need to perform a title search. Check out the value of the car in the Blue Book. You may want to consider opening up an account with For a fee, they will give you the history of the car. You will, however, need a VIN number, before you do that.

Many people love muscle cars. They bring back feelings of nostalgia and power. However, finding one can be tricky. Some good places to look are your local and national classifieds and ebay.

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Article Source: March 11, 2009
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