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Muscle Car T-Shirts and Gifts


 by Jim Dodge

Manage Your Car Collection Digitally

MyClassicGarage™ has introduced the first online tool of its kind that allows collectors to manage all aspects of their collection digitally.

The Virtual Garage


What The Virtual Garage Can Do

Each car loaded in a virtual garage has a summary screen that looks like this:

Boss Image

On the vehicle level, MyClassicGarage allows a collector to manage various details of each particular vehicle including...

  • Record financial details
  • Schedule transportation & logistics
  • Publish to MyClassicGarage Marketplace, eBay, Facebook, and Youtube
  • Document & schedule service
  • Digitally store documents such as build sheets and title

MyClassicGarage also allows a collector to look at the details of his or her entire collection.

For example, a collector will be able to quickly see on one screen the current costs and current insured value of his or her entire car collection.

More About MyClassicGarage

If that's not enough...a 1970 Hemicuda Giveaway!

When you sign up for a free virtual garage at MyClassicGarage you will be automatically entered to win this 1970 Hemicuda.

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